Mats A in fabulous German art magazine Kwerfeldein

Aus einem Fehler wurde Kunst. Als Neunjähriger bekam ich meine erste Kamera. Dann passierte etwas und mein Interesse an der Fotografie war geweckt. Als Kind bin ich oft mit meinen Eltern – um die Welt – gereist und habe Kunstmuseen besucht. Mich hat fasziniert, wie große Meister wie Picasso, Chagall, Matisse und Monet so gekonnt etwas ganz anderes geschaffen haben als eine reine Abbildung der Wirklichkeit …

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Fotosidan: Monochrome is Mats Andersson's brand

Fotosidan writes 22 01 12:

Monochrome and rawness from Mats Andersson.
Mats Andersson was recently rewarded  in the International Black & White Photography Contest - Monochrome Awards 2021.
Although his focus is on animals and nature, a documentary photographer is one of his greatest sources of inspiration…

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Pål Hermansen in The Guardian

A red squirrel in a forest, and the same forest pictured after logging (Viken, Norway)

The richer biodiversity is, the more resistant nature is towards climate change. However, nature is under increasing pressure. One of the main threats is modern forestry. The practice of clear-cutting forests not only destroys life/biodiversity but also is a major source of carbon dioxide emissions. This image shows how a hundred-year-old forest can be turned into a biological disaster area in a couple of hours. /Photograph: Pal Hermansen


The Guardian has published an image portfolio connected to the COP 26 conference in Glasgow. 
Pål's images is represented in the selection.