Mats Andersson in Sweden's largest nature- and environmental magazine


"The curious but vigilant gleam in a bird's eye, the fox that follows you on the path, the butterfly that lands on your hand. Few things fascinate us humans as contact with wild animals. What do they think and feel, really? 

Not long ago, wild animals were seen as instinct-driven, almost robot-like. Developments in ethology, the study of animal behavior, have narrowed and sometimes erased the gap between us and them ... 

Images that touch. Emotions are important for strong animal images, Mats Andersson thinks. But in his case, it is probably a lot of his own feelings that are reflected in nature.During a tough period in the marriage, the camera became the breathing space. 

– I lived a long time in a bad marriage. We tried to save it by moving to the countryside and getting horses. It took a few years but it was still something that rubbed and I fled more and more often everyday with the camera. Stayed up all nights and snuck on animals ... "/ Text Mats Hellmark

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