Andersson receives 550.000 SEK in scholarship

Mats Andersson receives Sveriges Författarfonds (The Swedish Photographers' Association) 3-year work scholarship of SEK 450,000 (distributed over the years 2021-2023). He will also receive a scholarship of SEK 50,000 (tax-free) from Konstnärsnämnden (Arts Council) in December 2020. 
Since 2009, Andersson has published no less than 12 books
The Swedish Photographers' Association writes: 17 photographers have received work scholarships from the Authors 'Fund for Autumn 2020. In addition, the fund has awarded a large number of extra scholarships that many photographers have received. Anna Clarén is a representative for photography on the Authors' Fund's board.

Scholarships Mats Andersson:
• 2014. Ettårigt arbetsstipendium av Sveriges Författarfond. 
• 2017. Kulturstipendium av Region Jönköpings län. (25.000 SEK)
• 2019. Stora ettåriga arbetsstipendiet av Sveriges Författarfond. (90.000 SEK)
• 2020. Konstnärsnämndens stipendie. (50.000 SEK)
• 2021. 3-årigt arbetsstipendium av Sveriges Författarfond 2021-23. (450.000 SEK)

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