that in these fields we find the only really existential questions of today, on a level that is hovering over all the immediately acute, but in the long term temporary and minor problems of human life. For committed people, it’s simply impossible to ignore such a fact.
As there are numerous dialects and variants within each language, also the visual language shows a wide variety, even to a more marked degree than most lingual languages.  The aim of everyone who engages in artistic activity, is finally to find a way of expression that is slightly different from all others´. Even artists with a similar geographical and cultural origin often interpret the surroundings very differently, entirely in the spirit of existencialism.
This is also the case for the Swedish-Norwegian artist group HAM. For a number of years, the photographers Pål Hermansen, Mats Andersson and Erik Malm have been deeply engaged in nature and produced images with a personal and distinctive style. They have now found together to form a common platform making it possible to share with the world the images of their hearts.  In Scandinavia, people are still more tightly connected to nature than in most other countries, and this is clearly reflected in the group´s images.
1 + 1 + 1 is more than 3, and the group forms a unit stronger than the individual photographers themselves, a unit representing the Nordic nature in a unique way. In addition, an even more ambitious aim is to communicate widely the necessity of recreating and strengthen the fundamental, deep respect for our environment that has been lost in the modern world.