We are in  Anthropocene, the age of Man. The fact that we destroy the landscape, poison our surroundings and change the climate of the planet so heavily that both we and all other forms of life are suffering, seems to not affect us, because we probably will manage in our lifespan. This is a call from our old genes, -we care about ourselves and our loved ones, but it seems too annoying and troublesome to think of everyone else, other species and future generations.
However, man is a complex creature. While we are the worst, most brutal and greedy species on earth, we are also the only species that possesses sensitivity and ability to interpret, process and communicate the impressions from our world. For Wittgenstein, the language was the deepest form of confirmation of the world’s existence. The concepts about the objects and observations we experience are more real than things themselves, he claimed. The language is dynamic and communicates our ever-changing view of the world.
Languages is a difficult matter. We are surrounded by 7000 human languages, ​​and even though 95% of all people can understand approximately 100 languages, it’s hard to find a common understanding. However, there is no reason for despair, because there are also at least two completely universal languages ​​that everyone understands, namely the languages of images and music. So if you have something to tell the world that you want everyone to understand without translation, you should use one of, or both, these languages!
In art, today we see an increasing interest in nature and the relation between man and nature. The reason is simply